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Satvaá Set of 2 Clay Pots for Cooking on Gas with Mangowood Stand

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Name : Satvaá Set of 2 Clay Pots for Cooking on Gas with Mangowood Stand (Black color, Unglazed, Durable, 2L/ 3 L) (mitti ke bartan for cooking/ Mud Pot/ Biryani pot)

Material : Terracotta

Net Quantity (N) : Pack of 2

Length : 10 Inch

Breadth : 10 Inch

Height : 5 Inch

Size (in ltrs) : 5 L

Satvaa has tapped the community of small potters from all over India. They hold expertise in creating beautiful earthen products that can sustain the constant heat of gas stove and microwave. With the increasing use of aluminum and other kinds of utensils, these craftsmen didn’t find any room for survival and hence decided to shut their ancestral business. We are inclined towards encouraging these craftsmen to continue their business and even pass this talent to future generations. Best Quality and Safest- The black terracotta clay pot / handi comes with a unique Wooden Lid and its mud is heated on very high temperature making it the most durable mitti cookware which is both gas stove and microwave/oven safe. Authentic Taste- The cooking pans have perfect aromatic taste as they are handcrafted by skilled crafts men of remote villages of Rajasthan practicing teracota and ceramic pottery. You can cook some flavorsome dishes like Biryani, rice, chicken/ fish / mutton curry. Alkaline- Clay neutralizes the ph balance of Food and adds natural vitamins & minerals like Calcium, Phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B12. Perfect terracotta pot to add in your kitchen set. 100% Organic and Natural- At Satvaa, we care for our gracious planet and this earthen pot is eco-friendly with minimal carbon footprint.Easy to Handle- The clay / mud pot has a smooth natural finish making them super easy to clean

Country of Origin : India

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